Selecting a Lender for Real Estate Investors

Learn how to select the right lender for your real estate investments. Consider both financial and non-financial factors, including finding a good fit for your team, understanding loan overlays, and looking for lenders who go above and beyond. Our guide can help you make an informed decision for your investment success.

Selecting a Lender for Real Estate Investors

The top two, most commonly used dream team members for real estate investors are real estate agents and lenders. In this mini-class we will discuss how to select a lender to use as a real estate investor.

We will discuss some of the selection criteria I consider when choosing a lender to work with.

Check out the video from this class here:

Selecting a Lender for Real Estate Investors - Video

In this class, James discusses:

  • The non-monetary considerations when selecting a lender for your real estate investing
  • It's not always, exclusively about price
  • Being a good Dream Team member
  • Additional or fewer overlays
  • Personality
  • Accessibility and communication
  • Going above and beyond
  • Lender programs vary
  • Plus much more...

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Selecting a Lender for Real Estate Investors
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